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Hoses, Gaskets and Seals

Hoses, Gaskets and Seals, Manhattan, KS

Replacing Hoses Gaskets And Seals In High-Performance Vehicles

Scuderia Shadetree Racecar Engineering and Auto Repair is the high-performance auto repair shop in Manhattan that drivers trust. Intake manifolds, valve covers, oil pans, and more all rely on gaskets to keep compression, prevent leaks and maintain pressure. Leaky gaskets and hoses can cause the loss of important fluids and cooling air in vital systems which decreases performance.

At Scuderia Shadetree Racecar Engineering and Auto Repair in Manhattan our expert mechanics are ready to replace your car or truck's worn-out gaskets and seals with manufacturer suggested parts or with high-performance parts normally used in race cars made from materials like cork and rubber, or multi-layer steel, dead-soft aluminum and copper. Using sensitive state of the art equipment, we can diagnose even the smallest leak that may be starving your engine of critical air and fluids. From repairing a broken seal during a simple oil change to installing all the hoses, gaskets and seals needed for a complete engine rebuild, we have the expertise you need to get the job done right.

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